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Congress on Colorectal Cancer, Russia


Архив: ICRCC-2017 СПб

Dear Colleagues!

The organizing committee of 12th ICRCC Congress on Colorectal Cancer 2017
that will be held on 8–9 September 2017 in Saint-Petersburg, invites you to participate in the congress.

Our website: www.icrcc2017.com

Main topics of the conference: a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment of local advanced cancer, local relapse and peritoneal carcinosis.

Target audience: oncologists, surgeons, gastroenterologists, researchers, experts on diagnostics, etc. More than
200 participants are going to visit the 12th ICRCC Congress on Colorectal Cancer 2017.
• Military Medical Academy
• Russian Society of the Surgeons

Important dates:
Registration has been opened since 1 Dec 2016
Abstract submission deadline: 18 August 2017

Main moderators of the conference program:

Prof. K.H. Link, Director of the Surgical Center Asklepios, Wiesbaden. President of ICRCC

Prof. N.A. Maystrenko, Head of the Department of Faculty Surgery n.a. S.P. Fedorov, Military Medical Academy, Saint Petersburg

Organizing committee:

P.N. Romashenko, O.N. Ergashev, M. Kornmann, A. Pryadko, A.A. Hvatov, I.L. Chernikovskiy, A.S. Ivanov

Time and place:
8-9 September 2017, 8:00–18:00

Holiday Inn St. Petersburg - Moskovskye V. Moskovsky Prospekt 97a, St. Petersburg, Russia

ICRCC was founded in  2001 on occasion of the 1. Biebrich Interdisciplinary Conference (BIC) in Wiesbaden, Germany.

The founding presidents of BIC, Professors W. Dippold (Mainz, GER), F. Köckerling (Hannover, GER), and K. H. Link (Wiesbaden, GER) together with an international expert team participating at 1. BIC, Professors R.Bittner (Stuttgart, GER), T. Holm (Stockholm, Sveden), Z. L. Ji (Nanjing, China), T.Mori (Tokyo, Japan), T.Taguchi (Osaka, Japan), and P. V. Danenberg (Los Angeles, USA), decided to form a club with common scientific interest on the improvement of diagnosis and treatment of colon and rectal cancer. 

The aim has been a mutual exchange with biannual meetings in wiesbaden, and interim Meetings at various places all over the world. At each BIC, there have been special topics, with visible scientific progress. The Honorary President usually is an internationally outstanding representative of this special field. This aim has been reached very well, and ICRCC members have lifely international contacts. About 300 scientists with various disciplines, so far a majority of specialized surgeons, have been taking part in each meeting.

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